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We Specialize in Fluid Dynamics & Particle Separation

Our team will work with you to co-design & prototype solutions quickly, eliminating costly troubleshooting & production iterations.

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Product Innovation Services

We offer a platform of product innovation services from problem definition to commercialization based on your needs.

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Define the Problem

We will simulate & test your existing product or product ideas to determine baseline performance & problem areas.

Service Includes:

CFD Simulation
CFD Evaluation
Problem Definition


Optimize your Product

We will design & test solutions to innovate your product for better performance, safety & cost efficiency.

Baseline +

CFD Simulation
CFD Evaluation


Develop a Product

We will design, prototype, test & develop a product based on your needs.

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CFD Simulation
CFD Evaluation


Develop the Market

We will assist in developing the supply chain & market for the new product.

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Develop Supply Chain
Develop the Market
Commercialize Product

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“The Radix group took the CAD models of our system and created a representative CFD model that was vetted against physical test results from our distribution testing facilities in St. Brieux. Using their expertise they were able to both suggest and evaluate possible changes to improve the performance of our primary elbow. Simply being able to leverage the CFD team’s knowledge of particulate flow has been an advantage in itself. It has allowed us to question some of our long-held assumptions and generate possible solutions that we may not have considered on our own.”

Brad Hicks, Product Development Team Leader - Bourgault Industries Ltd

Put CFD To Work




Minimizing Sand Carry-Over While Keeping Up WIth Production Rates

The Challenge:

As fracing technology improves, production rates increase. This also increases sand production and potential erosion of production equipment which can present rigorous challenges and lead to a significant increase in a producer’s OPEX.

The Solution:

To keep up with increased production rates, Radix’s research team leverages CFD, a powerful design tool that simulates and accurately predicts sand particle and flow behaviors, to design and continuously improve the efficiency of our sand management solutions.

We have gone through 40 product design iterations and modifications of our Sandtinel Sand Separator to continuously reduce sand carry-over and increase the ability to handle higher production rates.

The Result:

To date, Sandtinel can handle 650 m3/day of total oil and produced water while maintaining a minimal .05% sand carry-over.

sandtinel unit

Maximizing the Production & Efficiency of an Air Seeder

The Challenge:

Air seeders, in the agricultural industry, transport and distribute seeds and fertilizer during the planting process.

Our client tasked our team with determining how to better distribute the seeds evenly through each tertiary hose of the air seeder as a uniform distribution of seeds is required to maximize efficiency and production.

The Solution:

We performed a CFD simulation of the flow through within the air seeder distribution system and compared it to the empirical data our client gathered in their lab to determine the performance baseline.

The Result:

CFD simulations were able to identify the source of the problem and a suitable baseline was achieved. Work is still ongoing with the client in making design modifications to the manifolds for more favourable seed and fertilizer distribution.

air seeder unit

Identifying Erosion Areas within a Choke Valve

The Challenge:

Choke valves are common in the oil and gas industry because they control production rates and reduce the pressure on downstream equipment. But they are very susceptible to erosional damage from sand and solid particulates entrained in the fluid moving through them.

Our objective was to determine the localized velocity and impingement angles of sand flowing through a choke valve to assist in erosional calculations.

The Solution:

A CAD model of the choke valve was developed and CFD simulations were performed to identify the areas with the highest rates of erosion due to high fluid velocity or changes in direction.

The Result:

CFD simulations were able to determine potential areas of erosion by analyzing direction and velocity of the gas contacting the walls of the choke valve. This enabled us to make design recommendations to increase the life expectancy of the choke valve.

choke valve

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