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Sand Management Redefined

Sandtinel Sand Separators are the best in safety, ease of use and maintenance with groundbreaking performance - all within a more compact, versatile and portable vessel.

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Sandtinel Delivers the Unthinkable


Shut In







Maximizing your production and safety. Greatly reducing operational costs of downtime.

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Sandtinel Capabilities

Operations & Maintenance

There is nothing quite like operating a Sandtinel

Operators can remove sand in minutes, while still producing, without ever being exposed.

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sandtinel unit capabilities
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Zero Shut-In

It's quick and easy to remove sand. Just turn the valve and ship the sand. No need to shut-in, mask up, rake sand out, or clean clogged filters.

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Zero Downtime

Remove sand while still producing. No need to shut down means maximum production and low operational costs.

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Zero Exposure

It's safer for operators. Eliminate exposure to sour gas and the risk that comes with releasing pressure from the well.

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Performance Design

Greatly reduce erosion and washouts

We elevated particle separation to a whole new level of performance with our proven, cutting edge vapor lock technology. It can take on the most demanding well conditions to effectively assure zero carry-over.

Performance Validation and Continuous Improvement

Sandtinel and CFD technology together deliver confidence in a big way

CFD is super, smart, fast computing of your well data in our vessel. We can tell you in days, with accuracy, exactly how your well parameters will perform in our vessel. This enables us to customize, build and/or ship exactly what you need with confidence it will perform with absolute certainty.

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From 2013 to today; more and more Sandtinel units are being installed each year

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Put Sandtinel To Work

Sandtinel is trusted by more than 20 oil and gas producers in Western Canada

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Features and Specifications




Efficiency Features

Safety Features

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The Defender

Protect your equipment from erosion and washouts with the Defender package.

the defender


Separator Vessel



The Performer

Boost your operational performance and efficiency with the Performer package.

the performer


Scale System

Blowdown Tank


The Commander

Maximize both safety and performance with the Commander series.

the commander


Scale System

Blowdown Tank



Catadyne Heater

Model Class Service Size Mawp Temp Weight Volume
T60SA BD Tank 150# Sour 60' x 60' 170 psi -50F / 300F 4200LB 3.75 M3
V48SC 600# Sour 48' ID 1440 psi -40F / 130F 3600LB 0.95 M3
V36SE 1500# Sour 36' ID 3000 psi -40F / 500F 2600LB 0.4 M3
V48SE 1500# Sour / Sweet 48' ID 3000 psi -40F / 500F 6000LB 0.95 M3
V48SE2 1500# Sour 48' ID 3702 psi -40F / 100F 6800LB 0.95 M3
V36SF 2500# Sour 36' ID 5000 psi -40F / 500F 4500LB 0.4 M3
V48SF 2500# Sour 48' ID 5000 psi -40F / 500F 11700LB 0.95 M3
V48SF3 2500# Sour 48' ID 6170 / 5655 psi -40F / 100/200F 12500LB 0.95 M3

Your Service Experience With Us

Radix offers you a combination of deep product knowledge and broad customer service expertise. From partnership and continuous improvement to always-on service, we ensure you get the best value out of Radix and it's Sandtinel units.

Partnership & Customer Success

Our product experts work with you

We partner with you and work as an extension of your team to understand your sand management needs, and continually provide solutions that meet and exceed your requirements.

Orientation & Training

We ensure seamless implementation

We will provide a trained and certified technician for your Sandtinel installation, as well as orientation and training to ensure your on-site staff are proficient in operating and maintaining the unit.

Customer Service & Support

All the answers you need, when you need it

Our customer service team works on the ground with your operators. We schedule frequent site visits, solicit valuable feedback for continuous product improvement, provide ongoing training, and resolve any problems that might arise with the Sandtinel unit.

Let's Get Started

Send us your well data. We'll simulate it and get back to you within days with the results.

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Want to know more about Sandtinel or Radix? Get in touch with us, we'd love to hear from you.

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